Saturday, October 10, 2009

Joys of having a toddler

Jared is now 19.5 months old and is such a toddler! He is now way past the walking stage--he runs everywhere!
He is learning and trying to say so many new words each day. If we ask him if he can say a word, he tries his best and sometimes the word comes out clear. We are teaching him to use his manners--please and thank you and so far, he is doing great. If we ask him to ask nicely he says "pees" or please and "tank you" which is so cute!
He also makes a lot of animal noises--he can bark like a dog, roar like a lion, moo like a cow and quack like a duck. Any animal we say, "what does a ____ say" and he tries to mimic the sound we do. Jared can also put two words together--"Hi Dada" are the two he says most. Sometimes he will say "Hi Nana" and for the first time yesturday he said "Hi Mama". He also says "more please."

Jared also loves to jump--on a bed, bounce house or trampoline. He is getting very good at it and jumps with both feet at the same time which is a milestone that a lot of kids don't get until much older (I know since I used to teach gymnastics to 3-5 year-olds).
Jared can also drink from a straw and is getting very good at feeding himself with a spoon and fork (with the left hand like mommy).

At the football game with my daddy--one of my favorite things!

On the not so cute side of toddler hood, Jared likes to throw food and is already throwing temper tantrums (I thought this was supposed to happen at 2 or later?) He gets in trouble at school and at home regularly for throwing the food he doesn't want on the floor across the room. He knows he isn't supposed to do it, but does it to see our (or the teachers) reaction. I am hoping he will out grow this phase quickly with some regular disciple.

We are so lucky to have such a smart, healthy and handsome little boy! We can't wait to see what comes next.