Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jared's First (of many) Baseball Game

Jerry and a couple friends have season tickets this year to the Angels. One of his friends couldn't go, so we all got to go as a family last night which was really fun! Jared was so excited and loved all the lights and sitting in his own big boy chair.

He ate Subway and even had some potato chips. It was so cute to see him clap when they were doing the Angel's line--when everyone would clap he would look around and start doing the same--then he started dancing with the music!

There were a couple little boys around us and he gave one little boy a high five (so cute)! Jared really wanted to drink what Jerry had (a beer) so once he finished it, Jerry gave him his cup (don't worry it was empty) which Jared thought was so cool!

Jared and I left after the fourth inning when he started to get tired. Overall, he did really well and we had a blast! I am sure he will be going to many more baseball games.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

I want to wish all the mom's out there a Happy Mother's Day! I hope you all enjoy your day.
For some of the mom's in my life, it is their first Mother's Day and I want to wish you all a very Happy First Mother's day!

Jared's First Disneyland Adventure!

On May 2, our whole family went to Disneyland to celebrate my mom's birthday. My sister Allison, her boyfriend Kyle, Jerry, myself and Jared all went to the happiest place on earth! And boy was it ever! It was Jared's first time there and he just loved it--and we all loved seeing how happy he was there too.

He was such a trooper the whole day and went on lots of rides--his favorite was Small World for sure. He danced around the whole time, and studied everything.

He also went on Pirates, Haunted Mansion, the new Pooh ride and the merry-go-round. With only a 30-minute cat nap the entire day, you would never know by how happy he was. We thought he would fall asleep so fast that night, but it took him over 30 minutes to actually fall asleep! I guess he couldn't stop thinking about all the excitement and new things he saw! I do know that Jerry and I were exhausted after spending over 7 hours there with a toddler, but it was worth it for sure. I will be getting a pass soon so we can go often with all our friends who has passes but for shorter time frames. :)