Sunday, November 8, 2009

20 Months and October Fun!

October has been quite a busy month for the Marchbank Family. Between work, family and friends, it is never a dull moment! The month started with a huge event I help put on at work (over 600 gymnasts and their families) followed by a trip to Arizona for web site training for a few days. While I was away in AZ, Jared's school called me saying he was not acting like himself (crying a lot and acting very sad) and wanted to know if something was different in his routine. I informed them I was away for work (and he saw me leave luggage and all) and was probably just missing his mommy. We are so lucky he goes to such a wonderful place that notices these things about our child and called right away. I was able to catch an earlier flight home to see my boys and all was well with him again (he just missed his mommy).

The weekend I came back from AZ, we spent a lot of family time (something we had been lacking for the past few weeks). We took Jared to the Irvine Railroad park and pumpkin patch (which is an awesome place to take your kids by the way). He had such a great time--he went on his first pony ride, picked out his pumpkin, jumped in the bounce house and spent quality time with his mommy and daddy. After the park, we stopped at Grandpa Greg's and Grandma Denise's house to say hi too.
For Halloween, Jared dressed up like a Dalmatian doggie (thank you Grandma Carla for the box of costumes!). We tried on the costume a few days before Halloween to make sure it fit and he cried when it was time to take it off! We explained that in a few days, he would get to wear it again and he seemed OK with that.

Our friends Lindsay, Eric and Noah invited us to tag along with them on Halloween. We went to her sister's sister-in-law's house who also has a little boy Nick (the one in the skeleton costume). It was so much fun to see all the kids in their costumes and Jared had a great time.

Now that Jared is 20 months old, he is really starting to talk a lot! He is like our parrot--whatever we say, he repeats. Every day his words become more clear and vocabulary a bit larger--I love hearing him trying to communicate. With this new found vocabulary also comes some temper tantrums. Many times (OK all the time) he knows what he wants but doesn't know how to communicate it yet, which frustrates him (and me) and those terrible twos start to emerge. Overall, he is such a little love--we call him our little love bug--he is always giving everyone hugs and kisses and is just the sweetest little boy. We love him so much!
Jared the Dalmatian doggie--Halloween 2009