Monday, November 15, 2010

Halloween and Remodel Update

For Halloween this year, we went to downtown Huntington Beach with the McCoy family. Halloween was also our moving day, so they were nice enough to let us hang out at their house for the evening. Jerry and I weren't in the mood to dress up but the McCoys looked so great in their costumes!

The Marchbank Family Halloween 2010
The city closed down Main Street and turned it into a family festival with bounce houses, trick-or-treating and vendors. I think everyone with kids in Huntington Beach was there. We also saw one of Jerry's co-workers, Bill with his daughter Abby. We had dinner down there as well--a fun night with friends!
The McCoy Family Halloween

Bill, Abby, Jared and Jerry
Baby Dean

Remodel Update
We are now two weeks into our room addition remodel and of course there have been some set backs. Our contractor made some great progress the first week and was already ready for our first inspection at the end of the first week. The city inspector was very difficult and wouldn't approve the foundation work due to the underground foundation looking different to what the engineer had drawn (a very common thing in construction since no one has x-ray vision) and usually the inspector will do an on-site approval. Not this inspector. He made our engineer redraw and resubmit the changes which has delayed us about a week.

First floor, Jared's old room and attic

Foundation work

Our "sky light" or no roof. This is where the new room will be.

Jared's old room with one wall missing. Getting ready to add the third room.

The view from inside Jared's old room
Stay tuned for more updates as the project continues and wish us luck for passing inspection so we can continue construction and get it done before I have this baby in 10-12 weeks!