Saturday, September 11, 2010

August Summer Fun

I cannot believe it is already September and I am just now posting about August! We had a busy and very fun August.
We have a lot to celebrate in August (birthday's & Jerry and my 6th wedding anniversary) on my side of the family so went to dinner to celebrate my sister's 22nd birthday and my dad's birthday.

The Rassp Family (My dad, his wife Denise, and my Grandpa & Grandma with Jared)

A group of mom friends and all the kids got together to go to The Splash Pad at Sigler Park in Garden Grove.

It is a fun place to take kids in the summer time although Jared and Noah weren't too sure about actually going into the cold water. They just liked observing from afar.

We took Jared to Sea World for the first time with Jerry's mom, Carla, which he just LOVED! He wasn't too sure about going on the rides as you can tell by the look on his face while he was waiting in line with Grandma Carla, but the Elmo's world play area was a huge hit! We had to drag him out to try and see the animals/shows.

He wanted to go give Elmo a hug--so cute!
Playing in the water fountain in the Elmo's play area.

We went to see the 4-D Elmo show as well which he thought was scary (this picture was taken before the show actually started). He wanted out of that theater so bad and kept saying "all done now!" We saw the Shamu show which he also didn't like but he loved seeing the dolphin show and the sea lion show. I think the big splashes Shamu makes scared him too.

We had a great day but were all so tired at the end of the day (me being pregnant and Jared having no nap). Jared fell asleep the minute the car turned on.

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