Saturday, August 1, 2009

Silly faces and summer fun!

Jared starting doing what we like to call a "super silly face." My mom and I discovered it one night while giving him a bath. He squeezes this penguin that squirts water and while he does it, he make this hysterical face! Now he will do it on cue...if someone says, "Jared, show me your super silly face," he does it! We laugh so hard every time so he must love the attention he gets from doing it. Next time you see him, ask him to do it for you--you will get a good laugh!

Jared just loves cars (just like his daddy)! So one morning I decided to put him in the driver's seat of my car for a few minutes while we waited for Jerry (and so he could drive like mommy does). Just look at his face! He's like, "what up mom...I am so cool!"

We took Jared to the Orange County Fair a few weeks ago and of course had to take him into the petting zoo. He loves animals (and calls everything that has fur a doggie which is so cute) and he had a blast feeding the goats, pigs and sheep. Jared and I then shared a giant turkey leg (a first for both of us) and then we walked around and all got over-stimulated looking at all the lights, games, rides stuffed animals and fried everything. We also tried the new Mexican Churro which is just like a regular one but they put cinnamon and sugar on it--yummy but sooo rich and heavy.

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