Friday, March 5, 2010

Jared turned 2...

On February 29, 2008, our amazing son Jared was born. Yep he is a leap day baby--a very special boy who will be forever young.

So each year when his birthday comes close, everyone asks us which day we celebrate it on. I think Jerry has the best theory on the subject. He says if you are an English person, you will say to celebrate it on Feb. 28 because technically, he was born in February; if you are a math person, you would celebrate it on March 1 because he was born the day after Feb. 28. I say it is a great excuse to celebrate it on both days. What do you think?

The day of his birthday party (Feb. 27) was pouring rain! My grandparents bought him a train table for his birthday so Jerry and our friend AJ put it together while Jared was napping. These pictures are his reaction to seeing the train table for the first time. (I think he liked it).

Jared LOVES Elmo so we decided on an Elmo theme. This is the awesome cake my friend Sarah made. Her company is called Brady Cakes and she makes every kind of cakes, cupcakes and cookies you can come up with. Thanks again Sarah for this FANTASTIC cake! Check out the video below for his funny expression when we sang Happy Birthday to him.

Despite the rain, I think everyone had a good time crammed into our small house. I am glad most of our friends and my dad's family could all make it to celebrate his special day.

This year, Jared actually liked opening his gifts and I didn't have to do it for him. :-) He got so many great toys and new clothes for the summer. Thanks everyone!

Stay tuned for birthday celebration #2 with my mom's side of the family and Jerry's dad!

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