Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jared's turns 2 part 2

My Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Jeff were nice enough to host Jared's second birthday party for the family. He had such a great time as you can see by his expression. She made yummy lasagna, salad and homemade bread sticks--yum!

My Grandma got him an ice cream cake with trucks on it (his favorites--trucks and ice cream). This time, he did better when we all sang happy birthday to him (no surprised look on his face like from party number one). Now he starts singing the happy birthday song when he wants ice cream.
Jared is a very lucky (and spoiled) little boy. He got so many great gifts that he just loves. Anything that is a mode of transportation (car, truck, airplane, train) or Elmo are perfect gifts for him. I think his favorite that night was the Elmo--what do you think?

Jerry's dad, Grandpa Chip, got Jared a petal car for his birthday which he absolutely loves! He thinks it is so cool to drive his car around the neighborhood and refers to it as a "cool car." I think it is a cool car too--thanks Grandpa Chip!
Happy Birthday baby boy! I can't believe you are two--I love you!

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  1. Hi Kim, Jer and of course 2 year old B.D. boy Jared! So happy to see the pictures and your blog. I left a B.D. package at Grandma Carla's yesterday. I sure miss seeing all of you and my gosh,....Jared is growing up so fast...I can not beleive he is two already! Sending my love to the Marchbank Family, Great grandma Marla