Sunday, May 2, 2010

YP and the chatter box

YP--you may be asking what YP is. YP stands for Young Preschool at the OCC Harry and Grace Steele child care center. Jared has graduated from the toddler program and is now in the YP class (ages 2 - 3). In mid April, most of the toddler program got moved into the YP class due to a new classroom being added for an after school program. This has allowed for more room in the other classrooms. This transition has not been an easy one. He is now in a completely new room with all new teachers and has has a tough two weeks. Friday was the first day in two weeks that he didn't scream when I left. It just breaks my heart to hear him like that, but the teachers say he stops crying as soon as he can't see me anymore. He hasn't been napping well at school either (but has been taking 3 hour naps at home). Jacob, his best friend at school, is also in the YP program now, so he does better when he is there with him. I am hoping this week we have no more tears.
Jared has finally started talking--a lot! He has been saying words for a long time, but now he puts three or more words together and says new words every day! Some of my favorites are "cool truck dude," "see ya OD" (or OJ as Jerry calls him), "ah man", "no, no fireworks" (He loves going to the Angel games but doesn't like the loud fireworks), and "I go in dada cuck" (or truck). There are many more phrases but these he says so cute.

One of my favorite things to do lately is listen to Jared and Jerry ready together before bed. They just sit in the rocking chair and read books together. Jared knows a lot of the words from his favorite books (Engine, Cars and Trucks) so most nights, Jared reads (some of the words) to Jerry. They also sing songs together--my personal favorite is "Sweet Caroline". Jerry says, "Sweet Caroline," and Jared goes, "ba ba ba". Jerry: "Good times never seem so good" Jared: "So good, so good." It is soooo cute!

Jared has also become a huge fan of building things with blocks. He loves when Jerry or I make it really talk and then he gets to knock it down.
I am just loving this age (most of the time). Don't get me wrong, he has his fair share of temper tantrums, but he has so much personality, is such a happy boy and gives us so much love and joy every day.

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