Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jared's first day of school

On Monday, June 22, Jared started daycare three days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) at the Orange Coast College Harry and Grace learning center. I have been very nervous about this transition because Jared has never been in a group daycare environment before. I have always had a nanny at our house and once a week I would take him to a lady's house for 6 hours, so I didn't know how he would react to the new schedule.
Day 1:
When we first got there, he was happy to see all the new cool toys and the fish tank. He wanted me to let go of him so he could go explore so I did. They serve breakfast to all the kids there, so they sat him down with Cheerios with milk and bananas and he was happy. I told him I love him and that I would see him later after work. When I left he was fine.
I called to check on him at my lunch time and they said he cried when he realized I wasn't there anymore. Also, the napping arrangements didn't work for him (they sleep on mattresses that are on the floor behind a half wall) so he went outside and slept for 25 minutes on a pillow. I guess he wasn't comfortable in the room.
He did eat a good lunch and snack and had fun playing with all the new toys (they have lots of cars which he loves). Overall, they said he did very well for his first day. He was so happy when Jerry and I came to pick him up (and I was just as happy and anxious to see him)!
Day 2:
I dropped him off and he was happy when we first got there. I signed him in and then it was time to say our goodbuys--this is when the tears came and broke my heart. :( I wan't to cry too but I told him I love him and his daddy will pick him up later.
I called at lunch again and they said he was doing great. He slept for one hour in the room--they gave him a bear this time which is what he sleeps with at home) and he didn't cry for long after I dropped him off. They did say he cries ever time the door opens (when he sees that it isn't me, he starts to cry which breaks my heart again).
They say it takes a couple weeks and he should be more used to the new schedule, so I am hoping they are right! I don't know if I can take seeing him cry every time I drop him off because I feel like such a bad mom. I think Jerry and I should rotate dropping him off so I am not always the one leaving him there.
Stay tunned and wish us a better week next week!

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  1. I know the feeling. Heartbreaking. I always tell myself, they won't remember this when they're older... it aleast calms my nerves a bit. But from your later post, seems like he adjusted!